Costs and charges

Personal injury photography

Costs and charges are best worked out on a case by case basis as more complex injuries take longer to photograph as well as requiring some tome to plan ahead. The cost of time charged by the hour with prints and mounting charged separately.

For any work we have an hourly rate of £100/hr with a minimum of 1 hour. For full days or longer periods please ask for a quote, we do not normally charge for traveling unless a long distance i.e. outside Derby area.

For Personal Injury Photography we produce 1 set of photographs on A4 sheets, £5/sheet. Each sheet will have between 1 and 2 photographs. We also provide an Adobe Acrobat pdf file for your use along with a licence and advice for printing further copies. We advise that colour photocopies may not be of high enough quality for court use.

For any specific projects we would recommend that you request a quotation.

It is routine for personal injury photography that we give a quotation either based on solicitor's description or preferably an expert witness report.

Other photography

Images for scientific photography, press and publicity or other projects are loaded for access directly from our online web gallery in client protected folders. Files available as RAW (Via dropbox) or jpg (, unless you have the capability of converting from RAW e.g. NEF files we would advise accessing full-size jpgs.

Close-up of scar on the face
Deformity of little finger following an injury
Scarring to the ankle
Scarring to the ankle