Personal Injury Photography

The term "Personal Injury Photography" covers a number of areas of specialisation under the same overall heading and often are called by them rather than personal injury photography. For example; medicolegal photography, scar photography and occasionally legal photography.

This type of photography fits in the area between Forensic Photography and Clinical Photography and covers similar areas of practice though with an emphasis on civil litigation rather than criminal as with Forensic practitioners. We provide a service to solicitors but also training in medico-legal photography.

Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are all too common whether from road traffic accidents, at work, due to negligence or attacks and the process of claiming compensation can cause additional concerns on top of the injury itself. The personal injury photographic service that we provide aims to ease one of the areas that can be embarrassing by providing a caring professional photographic service where confidentiality and your well-being are paramount.

Types of photography

Personal injury photography is not undertaken lightly and should only be done by qualified medical photographers who have then gone on to work and learn about the specialist requirements of personal injury photography.

Techniques used include; specialised lighting, photography of joint motion, operating theatre photography, qualified to take photographs in clinics, hospitals and prisons.

Who takes the photographs?

David Bryson: I have been involved in this specialist area of practice since 1983 when I set up in the Worcester & Bromsgrove area as a Medical and Medicolegal Photographer. Since then I have photographed a wide range of clients for solicitors. This includes photography in my own studio, hospital wards, clinics and operating theatres, clients' homes and visiting Winsome Green and Long Lartin prisons. I have published several journal papers and articles and presented at local, national and international meetings and conferences about the principles and practice of personal injury photography.  I have also developed and led study days on personal injury photography. 

Next Steps...

If you are looking to have photographs taken for a personal injury please go to Tim Zolte's website at as I am no longer available for personal injury photography following a stroke.

If you are a photographer and would like to know more about how to undertake Personal Injury Photography please look at my research papers and look for more details about my Online Learning Materials.

Close-up of scar on the face
Close-up of scar on the face
Scar showing depigmentation due to burn from a shower
Scar showing depigmentation due to burn from a shower