Osteological photography

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 19:01
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This part of my website is about "Osteological photography" or more simply the "Photography of bones". This is an area that I should be involved in given my background in anatomy and clinical photography. However, it is only recently that have have begun to look at the subject more closely. This is for a number of reasons; having access to osteological material and a need to develop teaching and learning materials for students and more importantly having seen the poor quality of the imaging of bones on television, in papers, books and conference presentations has led me to realise there is a need for instruction in "How to photograph bones".

The techniques behind this are standard and most scientific and technical photographers, including clinical photographers, already know the techniques and principles to use. The real issue then is the change in who takes photographs. It is now anyone with a camera on the incorrect assumption that cameras and photography is an automatic skill that everyone has or can easily acquire if they have access to a camera without additional training.

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David Bryson

This is my website that covers almost everything I am interested in from photography through to developing learning materials, from lichens through to the history of acromegaly and gigantism. This site also leads off to more specialist aspects that I cover in the form of websites. For example my website about my Great aunt's jewellery design http://dorrienossiter.co.uk, my site about learning photography http://learn2photograph.co.uk and my platform development http://learningforprofessional practice.com


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