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Subject  Colour
Colourless solution of eosin and acriflavine  Brilliant green
Mustard made into a solution and then dried  Green
Hen’s egg - brown fresh  Brilliant scarlet
Quinine detected weak solutions  Electric blue
Sodium salicylate  Like a star
Tinea - ringworm  Bright metallic green
Squamous cell carcinoma  Glows like hot coals
Secretions of the skin, fingers and nails  Delicate blue
Urine  Pale blue
Teeth  Bright white
Decay, plaque or false teeth   No fluorescence
Seborrheic eczema Dull brownish-yellow
Psoriasis (on underside of scales)  Silver white light, (pink)
Paraffin wax + paraffin oil  Blue
Quinine in drinks like tonic water Blue
Fluorspar Blue
Alcoholic solution of chlorophyll Red
Crystalline lens of eye under suitable conditions  Bright blue

Forensic uses include drugs e.g. Lysergic Acid (LSD) which can be detected by absorption and excretion of quite small quantities. Mineral oils fluoresce differently from vegetable oils e.g. compare mineral oil, linseed oil, paraffin, vaseline etc. using oil spots on paper. Precious stones and pearls fluoresce differently depending on their origins. Wool can be distinguished from cotton and silk.

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