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1997 In a different light . . . . , Green Lane Cupboard Show, February 1997. (Demonstration of ultraviolet fluorescence)

1997 . . . . lichens again, Green Lane Cupboard Show, November 1997. (Show of colour photographs and lichens) 

1998 Flora of North-East Mallorca 1998 - Exhibition Green Lane Corridor, January 1999, with some student work, accompanied by a website. 

1999/2000 Green Lane - Joint staff and student exhibition, Mallorca 1999, December 3rd, 1999-January 14th of 2000. 

1999 Tiger Bay - Cardiff. Black and white infrared and solarized prints. Green Lane Staff Exhibition, September/October 1999.

2000 In a different light .  .  . new ultraviolet fluorescence work for Heads Exhibition, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Jan 14th - Feb 27th.

2006 Blacklight, Ex Libris exhibition series, Open Studio, University of Derby, Green Lane Campus, March, http://photolibrary.cladonia.co.uk/-/galleries/scientific-images/ultraviolet-fluorescence.

2015 Photographs of Penguin Skull and Fluorescence of Eggs, International Images for Science, Royal Photographic Society, Dye House Gallery, Bradford. Touring exhibition 

2016 Photograph of 3rd Molar in Maxilla, International Images for Science, Royal Photographic Society/Seimens, https://rps-science.org/about/2016-winners/ .

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