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Friday, 04 August 2017 18:39
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I am a photographer and an educator. I have been a practicing medical and scientific photographer for more years than I like to mention. Alongside that I have supported hundreds of students to learn how to become photographers from forensic and medical  all the way through to commercial and sport photography.

I have always enjoyed passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for photography as well as my other passions like anatomy and osteology. The aim of this site is to create a platform for me to share my knowledge and expertise in photography.

Alongside this site are three other sites that I encourage you to look at depending on where your interests lie:

  • Learn2photograph.com is my site for Online learning.
  • Sciphot.com is my site for a new open source journal I am developing called Scientific Photography.
  • Opsit.org.uk is the site which covers aspects of osteology, forensic anthropology and human identification.

Please contact me

Call me or contact me by e-mail to find out more about our services or to commission me to take photographs for you or your clients.

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David Bryson

This is my website that covers almost everything I am interested in from photography through to developing learning materials, from lichens through to the history of acromegaly and gigantism. This site also leads off to more specialist aspects that I cover in the form of websites. For example my website about my Great aunt's jewellery design http://dorrienossiter.co.uk, my site about learning photography http://learn2photograph.co.uk and my platform development http://learningforprofessional practice.com


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