Supporting deaf students

Sunday, 13 August 2017 16:54
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Room set-up to support deaf interpreter Room set-up to support deaf interpreter

As University lecturers we deal with situations that confront us. The work covered here was from a time when I supported several deaf students in different modules and programmes. The issues that arose are common and how I developed mechanisms and means ot support them and improve my support may be of benefit to others. 

I have led/supported two workshops looking at support for deaf students at the University of Derby and the associated podcast was part of the leanring, teaching and asssessment website and then added to the IdeasFactory when the site was renewed, see

The video can also be viewed from this link Presentation Supporting deaf students from the curriculum to the classroom

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{YouTube}AAuNanN0BzE{/YouTube} Overcoming challenges: Supporting deaf students

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